Elevate your Everyday: Morning Routine

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To me, elevating your everyday is a combination of making life easier and romanticizing the mundane. Small upgrades or new habits can make a huge improvement in your day and your life. Sharing some of the ways I personally elevate my everyday in my morning routine.

Heatless Curls – Ok, this technically could be part of the night time routine, but it makes an impact on how easy my morning flows. I started using the Unicorn Heatless Curl method – which if you’re a side sleeper, you NEED this method. You can watch my tutorial on how to do it here. Waking up with a bouncy beautiful blowout immediately starts my day off on the right note before I’ve even had a sip of coffee. The heatless curler I’m using and loving is linked here.

Make the Coffee a Little Extra – Speaking of coffee, I’d probably enjoy the first coffee of the day even if it was served out of a trash can. Okay, maybe not that extreme. However, spending a little extra time and effort in making my morning coffee experience luxurious adds so much joy to my day. I grab my k-cup from the chicest k-cup organizer, use my favorite coffee mug, stir in my coffee creamer with mini espresso spoons, and sometimes even top my cup with a stencil.

Gratitude Journal – Transparently, I am not very consistent with this, but when I do incorporate it into my routine, my day is markedly better. I use a simple Gratitude Journal to start the day in the right mindset, feeling grateful and setting the intentions for the day. Having a journal like this one also takes the guesswork out of the habit. It has all the prompts already laid out and includes weekly challenges and inspirational quotes.

What do you do as part of your mornings that makes your life easier or feel more luxurious? Let me know! Be sure to check out the other Elevate Your Everyday blog posts for more.

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