My Top 5 Personal Development Books

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Confession: I may have a small obsession with all things Personal Development – podcasts, books, courses, journals, conferences – you name it. If it involves bettering myself, count. me. in. However, I’ve never really been one to sit down and read, so audiobooks are my JAM. I love the concept of NET – No Extra Time, meaning you utilize time where your brain is not typically engaged to listen to books or podcasts to reengage it. For me, that’s when I’m cleaning the house, packing up Etsy orders, or on my commute to work.

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I’m sharing 5 of my All Time Favorite personal development books, as well as 2 books I have on my list to read next. Let me know if you’ve read any of these and what your favorite books are in the comments!

CAN’T HURT ME – David Goggins

This book changed my life. This is not hyperbole or exaggeration. Reading this book was my first step in changing my mindset from victim to victor. David’s story and the tangible lessons tied to each anecdote shifted how I saw goals, challenges, and opportunities.

I read this book before completing my first half marathon, before creating the sketchy brand, and so many more massive accomplishments. I can’t credit David with all of them – but he definitely was key in allowing me to see my world from a new viewpoint.

I will put a HUGE disclaimer on this book however – the language is rough. Parts of the book are downright gruesome in nature. The language is vulgar at best, and can be offensive at worst. If you are able to handle this, then this book is a must read. 

Or should I say listen. The audiobook features bonus content that I found sometimes more valuable than the chapters themselves. They are interview style with the narrator and allow you to hear more of David’s perspective on the story.

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GREENLIGHTS – Matthew McConaughey

Who doesn’t love Benny Boo Boo Boo? I’ve been a Matt McConaughey fan ever since he saved J.Lo from that delivery van smashing into her. But this book is way more than just a RomCom fanatics dream.

Matthew details his life in a beautiful memoir peppered with simple life lessons. The story takes the center stage and the personal development is just weaved throughout in a beautiful, seamless and not obvious way.

The best part of the audiobook? Matthew is the narrator. His unique accent and articulation add color in ways I don’t believe reading words on paper could ever do. It feels like you are just sitting, enjoying a beer or a coffee, with Matthew and hearing the stories of his life. I could listen to this book over and over (and have 2 times so far) and never tire of it.

Get the book HERE.


This book is part of the You are a Badass series, however this one is by far my favorite. Jen Sincero is bold, honest, and overall just a badass. She has a way of sharing personal development that feels inclusive and easy to understand.

This book is extremely empowering, and truly changed my mindset around money and my relationship to money. Despite the title, this isn’t about 401ks or investments – it’s about changing your mindset around money and the tactical ways to do that.

Get the book HERE.

BELIEVE IT – Jamie Kern Lima

The founder of one of my all time favorite makeup brands, IT Cosmetics, Jamie Kern Lima takes us through the highs, lows and in betweens of her story. This book is beyond empowering – from overcoming challenges like getting turned down multiple times to selling her brand at a record breaking price tag – this story is packed with heart.

Jamie feels like that friend you’ve had for years, who is constantly cheering you on and encouraging you to become your best self.

Get the book HERE.


The newest addition to this list. I mean – I literally finished listening last week, but this book is THAT GOOD.

I’ve been a Jon Acuff fan for some time now – previously Finish was likely in my Top 10 books. He is witty, funny, relatable, yet has valuable information that feels like I can implement that same day without upheaving my entire world.

Soundtracks is about changing the internal narrative we are constantly listening to and changing overthinking from a super problem to a super power. As the queen of overthinking, I knew I need this book and BOY, was I right! This is a must listen, and at a total listening time of a little over 5 hours, it can be completed in 1 week during commuting time. So what are you waiting for?

Get the book HERE.

My TBR list is quite small right now, so I am always looking for new suggestions of great Personal Development or Non Fiction audio books. Please drop your favorites in the comments.

Believe it or not – I bought a physical book to read *shock and awe*. So I’ll share my thoughts when I finish. It’s called Magnetic Mindset by Gala Darling. I’ll link it HERE for you.

The next audiobook on my list is How Are You, Really? by Jenna Kutcher. I’ve been a fan of hers from a distance for years. I’ve listened to her podcast and heard her speak with Tony Robbins so I’m excited to dive into her book. From what I hear it’s a real, raw, and honest look at how we check in with ourselves past the “hustle culture”. Linking it HERE for you.

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