The Magic Jeans

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You’ve heard the hype… but now NEED to know: what are MAGIC JEANS?


The Backstory

I was around 2 months post partum with my baby girl, and feeling LOST about how to dress my new body. It wasn’t necessarily bigger or smaller – it was just different. New places were squishier that weren’t squishy before and it felt like I had a new shape. With this new to me body, NONE of the jeans in my closet fit. I had the moment that I know so many women have.. where you stand in front of your mirror, with a graveyard of garments scattered at your feet, and you’re in tears.. because all you want to do is get dressed and feel beautiful..

So I went on a mission..

To find jeans that would fit my new body. I ordered from every major retailer that you can think of, and let me be honest.. there were GREAT options from other brands as well..

But NOTHING can compare to what I’ve now dubbed my MAGIC JEANS. 

So what are the MAGIC JEANS?

My Magic Jeans are the Levi’s Wedgie Straight Jeans, you can purchase them HERE for straight sizes and HERE for plus size.

What makes them MAGIC?

Ok, I could probably write an entire dissertation about why these jeans are MAGIC to me, but I’ll start with a few points that made them perfect for me (and now thousands of other women)

  • The perfect amount of stretch – there is nothing worse than a pair of denim that fits in the morning and by lunch time you are doing the “pull up my pants dance”. I also find having too much stretch in a jean accentuates the tummy pooch area.. and no one wants that. These jeans have JUST enough to hug your curves and hold you in.
  • Button fly. I know I know. This is a controversial one, but again this is something that I find that helps to conceal the lower tummy area.
  • Slim straight leg opening. This cut is universally flattering and goes with nearly every shoe. It’s also not SUCH a far cry from our millennial favorite, skinny jeans, so it feels like the perfect modernized update.

What about the other washes? Are they just as good? I’ve tried 4 colors – 2 denim washes, one faded black and one white.. they all fit nearly identical!

Almost every woman (maybe 95%) who have tried the Magic Jeans love them. So what are you waiting for??

Note: for sizing, I do recommend sizing up ONE if you are curvier in the hip/thigh. I wear a size 31. 

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