Unicorn Heatless Curls

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Heatless Curls have been a trend for quite some time, and it’s no surprise why. The process is fairly simple, and saves so much time in the morning. There’s also nothing better than waking up with gorgeous hair!

However, if you are a side sleeper, the traditional heatless curl method is uncomfortable at best and can really affect the quality of your sleep. I’ll take a good night’s sleep over a good hair day any day.

That was until now. The newly trending Unicorn Heatless Curls Method is perfectly suited for us side sleepers. It’s comfortable out of the way and still gives the famous bouncy easy curls.


  1. Start with clean, blow dried hair – Wet, damp or air dried hair won’t give you the smooth sleek finish. This is definitely a maintenance process versus a styling process.
  2. Add products based on your hair type – If you have dirty hair, add dry shampoo. If you have dry ends, add hair oil to the ends only. If you have finer hair that struggles to hold a curl, try adding a lightweight mouse.
  3. Grab your heatless curler (or sock or robe tie) – I love this heatless curler from Kitsch that comes with scrunchies and is perfectly designed to work. Many people successfully use leggings, or a robe tie belt also.
  4. Part your hair – Part your hair down the middle and brush through.
  5. Place the curler in the center of your head – Pro tip: if your curler is long enough, you can hold it with your teeth to keep it in place while you work!
  6. Start wrapping the hair – Grab a small section from one side of the top front of the hair and wrap it over and around the curler. Repeat this on the other side. As you continue, add more hair to your small sections as if you were doing a french braid. If you want to see a video of how this is done, check out my tutorial here. Continue until there is no additional hair to add.
  7. Finish the curls – Wrap the remaining hair around the curler in the same direction until you have no additional strands left. Use a scrunchy (silk preferred to limit creasing) to secure the ends. I also will fold up the tail of the curler into the scrunchy to keep it compact.
  8. Go to sleep! As a side sleeper, the braid going down the middle of your head should give you no issues in sleeping, so sweet dreams!
  9. Remove the curler – In the morning, remove the scrunchy and unwrap your hair. I personally don’t brush out the curls as they do fall a bit throughout the day. I will simply shake out the curls gently with my fingers and finish with a touch of hairspray.

What do you think? Will you try it? Let me know in the comments!

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