Updated Desk Setup!

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A Peek Inside the Sketchy HQ new Desk Setup!

What started as a need to upgrade my way-too-slow, way-too-old discolored-screen-images laptop, turned into a full desk overhaul. I am OBSESSED with how functional and aesthetic this space has turned out. The best part? Most of the items can be found on Amazon!

The Vibes

The aesthetic I was going for was chic, neutral, feminine, and functional. I truly believe I nailed it. I wanted to make sure my space wasn’t too crowded by items, as too much clutter makes me feel anxious. I also wanted to make sure it was a space that was motivating, and drew me in to complete the work I am excited about.

The Elements

Here are some of the key elements I added for productivity and some just for the pretty:

Tissue Box – Pregnancy has made your girl stuffy! So I knew I need a tissue box so I didn’t have to get up mid-blog post to grab a Kleenex. This stone tissue box cover was also the perfect aesthetic

Acrylic iPad stand – My iPad Pro is just as important as my desktop for my Sketchy work. This stand looks great with or without my iPad on it. 

Plant & Gold Statue – Ok, so these two are just for the decor components – but how cute?!

Candle – There are days where I need a zen mood in the office, and this candle will allow me to create that vibe at a moments notice. 

Stone Phone Holder – Tying in the stone from the tissue box holder and adding the functionality of holding my phone, this was a necessity. 

Acrylic Monitor Stand – This monitor stand keeps my iMac screen at the perfect height, but also allows me more surface area to tuck my notepad or keyboard under the monitor when not in use. 

3 Way Charger – My favorite item on this desk and the one thing you need from this post is this 3 way charger. It charges your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods without multiple charging wires. It is all connected to ONE wire and one plug. Plus, it is SUPER chic!

Aesthetic Mirror – This is perfect to check my makeup or hair prior to jumping on a Zoom call, but it is also adorable with the cloud-like shape. 

Stone Coasters – Is there anything worse than a water or coffee ring? I don’t think so. These coasters were necessary and match the tissue box and phone holder!

Leather Desk Pad – This cream desk pad allows me to not need a mouse pad and really have use of the whole desk space. I love the color and how it grounds the entire space, like an area rug does for a room!

iMac USB Converter – You may not even notice this since it blends so perfectly, but the small USB converter on the front of my iMac allows me to connect everything I need to right to the monitor seamlessly. 

Desk Pads – I have two desk pads for productivity. One is Acrylic and my daily planner, and the other is my weekly snapshot. I love them both and would be lost without them!

Shop all of these finds by clicking the image below!

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